Measuring the financial cost of disputes in the construction industry amounts to millions of dollars. However, the cost is not just financial. Disputes can also harm reputations and business relationships.

Anvelo understands this implicitly. We work with our clients, and embed conflict avoidance mechanisms into all our projects, to smooth the way and proactively facilitate the early resolution of potential disputes.


Our capability is reinforced by our commitment to the RICS Conflict Avoidance Pledge, a leading international standard to protect consumers and businesses and ensure the highest level of professionalism. We also commit to working with our industry partners to identify, promote and utilise conflict avoidance mechanisms across the construction industry.

“Is there a valid Claim?” Or, “I think there is a Claim?” Or, “I need to get the Claim over the line, cap in hand.” Anvelo will divorce emotion from reality, clarify the difference between fact and thought, and strategise, qualify, substantiate and quantify. That is our pledge.


Anvelo understands the challenges in assembling a high-calibre group of construction professionals to prepare, deliver and negotiate contract claim outcomes to protect profit and lower risk.

  • Articulating entitlement to time and additional payment with the right people, with the right attitude, at the right time, to deliver results.
  • A team who delivers value for money while protecting the financial position and the business from increased financial risk.
  • Professionals who work efficiently within contract time frames and legislation compliance.


The Anvelo Claims Team will produce robust and fact-based results by investigating, preparing, articulating, negotiating and committing:

  • Claim strategy.
  • Clearly articulated entitlement on written contractual notices with substantiation.
  • Written Claim with detailed particulars of quantum, cost, delay, time, performance, compliance or defects.
  • Delivered by our dedicated and experienced team.
  • Getting it done and always adding value.



So you’re losing time and money in a contract? Or you just want to start things right and manage this from the outset. Make the right decision by consulting Anvelo. And you won’t be throwing good money after bad.


Anvelo has worked on major infrastructure projects across Australia, including various Sydney Metro projects, Melbourne Metro Tunnel and the North East Link. They are well regarded in the industry.

Anvelo will prepare and substantiate claims, act professionally on your behalf in dealings with your client, and continue to deliver outstanding outcomes.


The Anvelo Claims Team presents facts and evidence to their clients, removing conjecture, providing clarity, and helping their clients continue to maintain healthy relationships with their clients.

On a recent Sydney Metro project, the Anvelo Claims Team successfully decoded the complexity of the contract and the delays experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic to understand the availability, or not, of resources. Issues were articulated, along with their consequences, allowing senior managers of the Contractor and Client to negotiate a settlement, and maintain a healthy working relationship.

The team is experienced in mitigation and skilled in contractual communication. During negotiations, we focus on the big picture and a win/win mindset to achieve the best results for our clients.


Anvelo has a reputation for professionalism and solid work. The company is a team of qualified and registered professionals who are passionate about their work and what they can achieve for their clients.

Anvelo’s success in claims comes from our expertise and training, as much as our experience. Our Claims Team comprises highly qualified professionals who are supported by skilled project controls, commercial and project management practitioners. These support resources are also highly experienced and qualified.

All of Anvelo’s work is guided by the RICS rules of conduct. These rules, along with RICS guidance notes, underpin the work and generally form the basis of how Anvelo works with their clients. They are professionals.


Anvelo can help when in-house resources are stretched, or help is needed on highly specialised matters. We offer flexibility and local knowledge to all our clients. Anvelo will embedding ourselves into your team to manage the claim, and can tap on and off as required.

Let the Anvelo Claims Team help you achieve a successful commercial outcome with greater certainty.