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Wael shehata

Harnessing two decades of experience, Wael is a committed and innovative commercial and contract manager who has successfully managed teams in Australia, Dubai, Egypt and Iraq.

With a background in civil engineering, quantity surveying and project management, he has managed individual projects worth up to $650 million and delivered significant projects with a combined value in excess of $2 billion.

Possessing an intimate cross-industry knowledge and expertise, Wael is an effective communicator
and motivator of diverse teams. He can manage financial processes on projects, from setting budgets, cost control and reporting, cashflow forecasting, and data consolidation. Wael is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in managing commercial processes in the various stages of a project. In the pre-contract stage, he plays a crucial role formulating effective procurement strategies and reviewing requests for quotation.

Wael is adept at preparing draft
agreements and conducting comprehensive bid commercial evaluations, and he demonstrates his expertise in negotiations with bidders, preparing recommendations for the award, and executing contracts by issuing letters of acceptance.

He also excels in administration of head contracts and subcontracts and efficiently manages design changes to ensure compliance with contractual obligations. Wael’s meticulous approach extends to
managing and preparing claims and variation submissions, safeguarding the interests of the project and the organisation. His strong focus on contract compliance ensures all aspects of the project align with the terms and conditions.

Wael consistently delivers outstanding results in managing the complexities of commercial operations. His expertise in navigating contractual requirements, administering contracts, and effectively handling claims and variations contribute to the overall success and profitability of the projects he undertakes.