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Anvelo is a respectable company that employs professionals who focus on solving quantum claims. Anvelo is ready to assess your needs and ensure that you receive the money in which you are owed. We are specialised in construction claims management and consultancy.

Quantum Claims & Cost Engineering


We are experienced in preparing and responding to a wide range of claims in addition to having the ability to identify contractual liability to produce robust and logical claims.

Industry Knowledge

Our experienced and independent professionals are highly qualified, industry recognised professionals with varied experience throughout the industry.

Claims development

At Anvelo, we focus on taking over the burden of claims development. This allows the project team to focus on project delivery.

Why choose Anvelo for quantum claims?

Anvelo is a respectable company that employs professionals who focus on solving quantum claims.  Anvelo is ready to assess your needs and ensure that you receive the money in which you are owed.  Our professionals will work hard to assess the relationship between the parties, the context between the relationship, the services or goods provided, and determine the facts and laws.

Anvelo takes great pride in its many years of experience, capabilities, and expertise.  We know that every contract is unique, which is why we take the time to determine the risks and opportunities of each one.  Our team has received the proper education and training to help you understand your contract and receive the fairness that you deserve.  One step at a time, we are working to improve and reshape how professionals manage and take charge of their contract obligations.

Our expert claim services

Anvelo makes sense of complexity to quantify the amount a party deserves.
Claims are common in the construction industry. This will happen when a party has performed necessary and unavoidable work such as excavation, building, façade, and fit-out works, and is denied payment. Another example of where this may happen is in relation to principal risk events.

  • Detail the facts and prepare relevant delay analysis to better understand event impacts on projects.
  • Review and break down claims put forward by parties, assess and help you understand the merits upon which a purported claim is based.
  • Thoroughly review and carry out factfinding exercises to ensure you are prepared for any claim

What are quantum claims?

Let’s start with the term quantum meruit, which means “the amount a person deserves” or “the amount a person has earned.”  In majority of cases, this term suggests that when you file a quantum meruit claim, it is for a specific sum of money after having provided a service or supplied goods.  If you are not being paid or are denied the money after doing something for someone, you can file a quantum claim.

To simply put it, this happens when someone benefits from work being done by a business or professional but does not plan to give money for the benefits.  Do not worry if this happens to you because no matter how careful you are, disputes and conflicts are bound to come up in any type of industry.

When do quantum claims typically come up?

Unfortunately, quantum meruit claims are very common in the construction industry. This can happen when a company or person has performed services such as surveying, renovation, excavation, and adjustments, but is denied the money afterwards.

Sometimes, a contract is missing, or it may be silent when it comes to some parts of the work done. This can complicate things, but they do appear to happen often in construction and building projects.
The following are a few examples of when quantum claims must be made:

  • When a contract exists but other details are missing, such as the cost or price of the work
  • When a company or individual has done extra work that was not mentioned in the contract, but the project could not have been completed without said work
  • When the project was completed while the contract was still being negotiated
  • When the project was completed but the contract failed because of other legal issues

Factors to consider

If you are still unsure if you should file a quantum claim, there are three important elements that you should assess in order to determine if you in fact do have a claim on your hands.

  • The person or business who is receiving a quantum claim against them has received some type of benefit, whether that is a service or goods
  • The specific benefit that the person or business received has been provided by the person who is filing the quantum claim
  • The law considers it to be unfair and prohibits the person or business who received the service or goods to be able to keep it without paying for it

If any of these bullet points describe your current situation, it is time for you to get in touch with someone who can assist you with this matter. You will need legal advice, so that you can be aware of your options when it comes to getting your money for the work that you completed. Do not wait any longer or let this go because you deserve the money that you are owed as soon as possible.

What is Anvelo’s approach?

No need to worry; our approach is to simply discuss the objectives, desired outcomes, and develop a strategy to achieve said outcomes. Our company is certain that an agreement will be reached, and fairness will be accomplished.

The following are the steps that Anvelo takes to successfully handle a quantum claim:

  • Identify and determine the facts, circumstances, and the events
  • Identify the party who is liable
  • Look over the contract and the basis of the quantum claim
  • Ensure that the party provided notice requirements
  • Establish the cause and effect of the events
  • Look at all evidence and give a proper analysis to the entire situation
  • Identify the cost or value of the benefit
  • Prepare the cost claims, which includes prolonging costs, disruption, and loss of productivity costs
  • Determine and prepare the expenses, damages, and losses claims

Our services

Since 2016, the professionals at our company have been assisting clients with their quantum claims. We are committed to providing personalized advice and always achieving the outcomes that you deserve. If you are in need of assistance in relation to a quantum meruit claim, please contact our office and make an appointment today to see one of our professionals who specializes in this specific matter.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Contractual Entitlements
  • International Contracts
  • Notices
  • Extension of Time
  • Project Specific and Amended Forms of Contracts
  • Loss and Expense
  • Valuation of Variations
  • Negotiations
  • Damages
  • Delays and Disruptions
  • Security of Payment Claims
  • Acceleration Claims
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Ex-Contractual Claims
  • Other monetary Claims

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Anvelo follows the best industry practices when advising and promoting Civil, Construction & Infrastructure industries, projects and methods.  Our experienced and independent professionals are highly qualified, industry recognised professionals with varied experience throughout the industry.