Planning  &  Project  Controls

Project planning and controls provides essential processes and tools for the effective management of a project. Given the nature of most projects, the plan tends to change as the works progress. Therefore, reflecting the dynamic changes in a program can be challenging. However, when done correctly, programs are a great tracking and forecasting.  Anvelo will integrate financial, time and commercial control within your project providing you with accurate forecasting and certainty of outcomes. With this information at hand, management we will make informed decisions to pivot projects towards success.

Project Controls Management

Best Practices

Anvelo follows the best industry practices when advising and promoting the best project controls tools and systems.

Industry Knowledge

Our experienced and independent professionals are highly qualified, industry recognised professionals with varied experience throughout the industry.

Industry Engagement

We ensure we are always up to date with industry practices through regular professional development and industry engagement to ensure the information we publish is accurate and relevant.

Why choose Anvelo for planning and project controls?

Anvelo is a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy with its head office based in Sydney CBD, Australia. Our company takes great pride in its capabilities and understanding of construction project management duties.  No matter how difficult the project may be, Anvelo is willing and prepared to execute it.

Our planning and Project Control provides clarity on:

  • The intended sequence of works
  • The methodology adopted
  • The timing of the works
  • The progress of the works
  • Slippage that may have occurred
  • Works that are critical
  • Works that are non-critical
  • The forecast completion date(s)

We pride ourselves on being up to date with industry practices.  All of our consultants are regularly engaged in professional development and industry engagement. As we handle everything from construction claims to project management – we are capable of handling anything that is thrown our way.  While each project is unique, our experience sets us apart and allows us to safely and efficiently solve any project management task.
Out company’s project management professionals have been working hard to fulfill all clients’ needs.  Each of our consultants are dedicated to being personal, determined, and always achieving the outcomes that you deserve.  This is the secret that has brought our company success in completing several of the most complex construction projects in the industry.

What is planning and project controls?

Construction project management came about during a time when coordination became much needed in dealing with large and complex construction projects.  Project managers are trained to oversee and coordinate construction projects, ensuring that they succeed from the beginning to end.  Typically, an owner will inquire with a firm about a project that they would like to implement.  The project manager will handle this step from the start and ensure that the finalised construction project meets the owner’s specifications.

Although this sounds very exciting, it can be a difficult and lengthy process that does not happen overnight.  Both small and large firms benefit greatly by finding a construction project management company capable of handling these services and dealing with the coordination that is required to carry out the ideal project.  Anvelo does just that.

Construction projects can be very complicated and require a lot of coordination with all parties involved.  The construction project manager will serve as the overseer, providing guidance and ensuring that the project develops from being an idea to a completed project.  This consists of a lot of direct guidance and persistence, but the project manager can make any thought-out project come to life while limiting any risks that accompany construction work.

Importance of Hiring a Planning and Project Controls Manager

The field of construction project management is growing. There were many issues with how construction projects were carried out in the past. When engaging in a large building project such as an entirely new high-rise apartment or office building, this will consist of an advanced level of engineering and can benefit from an experienced construction project management consulting firm.

It is important to realize that a project does not just appear; it requires many different elements to be finished in order for the project to be officially completed. A variety of resources are called upon to help make the project happen. A few of the most common resources include designers, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and more. Each of these resources play a huge part in the project, and it is the project manager’s job to make sure that all are fulfilling their duties and remain on schedule. A majority of the time, there are components of a project that must be completed before another one can begin. For example, a designer must create the visualization of the project before the engineers and contractors can begin building.

A foundation must be in place before structural framing can be built. If any of the resources back out or are not on time, the project manager must quickly find a replacement before the project becomes delayed or unable to be completed.

This may all sound stressful, but that is why you should find a construction project management services company to take care of it for you. These services are here for you to use them, as they were founded out of the need to have a designated individual communicating, coordinating, and overseeing that a project is completed successfully. By employing a professional construction management company with experience, expertise, education, and training, your project can be completed as efficiently as possible. Delays and risks cost money, so hire a construction project manager to make sure that these hassles do not occur.
Organisation is also a big part of managing a project. Every component of the project must be organized and contain specific information for the workers to be able to do their job. Without this information, delays can occur which will ultimately lead to adding costs and time to the completion date. If you have a construction project manager handling your construction plans, they will reduce your anxiety and keep you informed on the progress of your project. This individual will know what has been completed, what has been ordered, and what the project should look like when it is finished. They will continuously go to the construction site and monitor everything as well as make sure all completed parts meet the necessary standards. They are like the middle person who makes sure the job gets done completely, accurately, and on time.

Services Provided

We develop robust project schedules, then bring them to life.

We develop a clear plan that breaks down the complexity of projects into simpler building blocks, then we improve project transparency with in-depth controls.

Our Project Controls and Planning services include but are not limited to:

  • Project planning
    • Schedule creation
    • Program creation
    • Logic creation and amendments
    • Time location diagrams
    • Basis of schedule documentation
    • Schedule risk analysis
  • Project controls management
    • Project launch
    • Program maintenance
    • Program health checks
    • Baseline management and status updates
    • EPS structuring and management
    • WBS structuring and management
    • Activity reviews
    • Time-chainage diagrams for linear projects
    • As-built records
    • Progress Monitoring and Reporting
    • As-built verification
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
    • Design, Procurement and Construction Scheduling
    • Project Close-Out and Systems
    • Commissioning Scheduling
    • Time-chainage diagrams for linear projects
    • Work breakdown structure development
    • Cost breakdown structure development
    • Earned value management
    • Management Dashboard Reporting
  • Independent program reviews
    • In-house program reviews
    • Program comparisons
    • Custom program reviews
  • Project schedule reporting and performance
    • Implementation of schedule reporting templates including insights into forecasting and specific areas of concern
    • Design, Procurement and Construction Scheduling
    • Baseline schedule development and review
    • Schedule analysis and critical path analysis

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Anvelo follows the best industry practices when advising and promoting civil, construction & infrastructure industries, projects and methods.  Our experienced and independent professionals are highly qualified, industry recognised professionals with varied experience throughout the industry.