5 benefits of an independent evaluation of your construction delay, disruption or defects

The construction industry plays a vital role in the progress and development of our society, as well as the infrastructure that supports our day-to-day lives.

Unfortunately, however, the construction projects that we have come to rely on don’t always go according to plan. These projects can suffer significant setbacks in the form of delays, disruptions or defects – and when this happens, the issue needs to be resolved in a way that is fair for every party involved.

This is where a Construction Expert Witness comes in.

In our previous article, we outlined exactly how to identify a leading Construction Expert Witness. We also explained each of the three types of Expert Witnesses available, including what their specific role is, and how they work to reach an outcome for you.

In today’s article, we will discuss the benefits that you’ll receive when arranging an independent evaluation of your construction delay, disruption or defects, and how this can lead to a better resolution overall.

What is an independent evaluation of a construction dispute?

In construction terms, an independent evaluation involves bringing in a third party to investigate the facts, and then assess and analyse the construction project or matter to provide the relevant parties with the information they need to make better decisions.

In the context of a construction delay, disruption or defect, an independent evaluator typically comes in the form of a Construction Expert Witness. When an Expert Witness is engaged, they come in and look at the facts to determine where the problem began, the root cause, and what are the effects of the root cause – gathering evidence to support their findings as they go.

What are the benefits of an independent evaluation?

There is a great deal of value that you stand to gain from hiring an independent evaluator to assess your construction dispute.

Let’s look at the most important ones in more detail below:

      1. You will get expert technical knowledge and experience

A Construction Expert Witness brings a great deal of technical knowledge and experience to any situation. This expertise has been gathered over several years working deep within the construction industry, making them ideal in helping to determine a proper evaluation of the issue at hand.

An Expert Witness can also provide greater clarity, as well as valuable insights that may have been potentially overlooked by other parties to the dispute.

      1. You will have a clear understanding of the process and requirements

Reaching an outcome in a construction dispute can often be a complex and drawn-out process, causing a great deal of frustration and confusion at various points along the way.

A Construction Expert Witness can provide you with a much clearer understanding of the process and requirements when looking to bring about a resolution to the issue.

In doing so, they can help you to keep up with proceedings and ensure that you are adequately prepared for each stage of the evaluation, such as providing evidence or additional information, to help reach an outcome faster.

      1. Obtain greater certainty around the evaluation

When there are multiple parties involved in your construction dispute, it can be hard to have any certainty about what the evaluation should be.

However, when you engage the services of a Construction Expert Witness to provide an independent evaluation, they can offer you much more certainty about what the outcome of their investigation might be – and where your party stands in relation to it all.

      1. Achieve third-party objectivity

One of the most valuable elements that a Construction Expert Witness can bring to your construction dispute is third-party objectivity.

This impartiality helps to eliminate bias, as well as the prospect of any one party taking control despite the conflict of interest, making finding a resolution a much fairer process and ensuring that the parties responsible are held to account.

This leads us to our final benefit…

      1. Achieve a fair evaluation for all parties

This is ultimately the main reason why anyone should hire a Construction Expert Witness to conduct an independent evaluation – to reach an evaluation of the circumstance that is considered just.

Without a Construction Expert Witness, these kinds of outcomes are far more difficult to achieve, and one party will often come out far better off than another, regardless of who was at fault.


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