Expert Evidence Services for Civil, Construction and Infrastructure background
Expert Evidence Services for Civil, Construction and Infrastructure

Anvelo’s expert witness services involve the independent preparation of expert evidence by suitably qualified and experienced experts within their respective fields. Our team of experts specialise in matters that deal with planning, delay, disruption and cost related issues. Often, we are engaged with disputes which requires our experts to carefully consider contemporaneous records, and fact-finding exercises to crystallise the issues in pursuit of arriving at an assessment. Our experts approach are always holistic, so that the opinions derived are objective, factual and accurate.

Why choose Anvelo


Firstly, we are Engineers. Structural, Civil, Mechanical, and Power. We understand knowledge is power - we have been at the coal face and understand how to build and construct.


Anvelo is well-versed in identifying facts, to establish accurate results with confidence.


We understand what it takes to deliver a report on budget. We understand what it takes to meet deadlines and deliver the expert report on time.

Expert Evidence Services for Civil, Construction and Infrastructure, experts assessing a site
Expert Evidence Services for Civil, Construction and Infrastructure experts on site

Why choose Anvelo for expert evidence services?

Integrity, granularity and accuracy are but a few of the fundamental attributes that are ingrained in an Anvelo expert. 

When you engage an Anvelo expert, you are getting an expert who is highly competent in his or her subject matter and who stays true to the Anvelo values and attributes. 

In addition, Anvelo experts are effective verbal and written communicators who are also personable and easy to work with. 

Our approach can make all the difference in having an enjoyable, hassle-free engagement.

What are expert evidence services?

Expert evidence services are an independent analysis or assessment of provided facts and contemporaneous records by a subject matter expert to provide an informed and impartial view of his or her findings. In our case, it provides expert evidence relating to planning, delay, disruption and/or quantum-related issues.

Anvelo will identify the relevant expert to listen to your issues and understand our brief

Our team will provide you with a fee estimate to prepare an expert report that addresses our brief  and instructions.

Anvelo will wait for confirmation or acceptance of our fee estimate.

Once confirmation from the Client is received Anvelo will proceed with the works.

Contract management is the process of managing contract agreements from the point of creation through to their execution by all parties. This process goes on to the eventual termination of the contract.

Key steps for contract management

The second step deals with the contract creation and authorisation to assemble a contract using existing and approved templated clauses which are then combined with a set of business rules.

The third step involves contract negotiations and contract review. This happens when the contract is shared with the other party after which the process of redlining begins. This step has the ability to collaborate with the third part and the internal team. The key things for this step include version control, adits, change tracking and documentation comparison.

The fourth step makes sure that all involved parties have effectively reviewed and approved the contract. The contract execution can also be done with e-signatures to make the process seamless.

Once the contract is signed, it becomes more important to know how the contract is performing. This cycle may be active for a number of years based on the project size. Which may involve major and minor milestones throughout its lifecycle. It is critical to understand, track, assign and complete these milestones through the contracts lifecycle. The contract may also need to be amended based on the changes in business ideas.

Step 6 involves the changes/amendments that need to be made to the contracts based on the change in business. These changes can continue through the contract lifecycle. All the amendments need to be efficiently made without compromising the guidelines in place. Many contract management tools can help keep track of these changes.

It is very important to have complete visibility over contract timelines to make sure that the business knows about the upcoming contract expiry dates and renewals.

Why do you need expert evidence services?

Expert evidence services serve an important role in assisting in the resolution of construction disputes. This is done by providing the likes of lawyers and non-technical personnel, who are involved in a dispute proceeding, an independent position of delay, disruption and or quantum-related calculations relating to contentious events.

Why do you need expert evidence services

What are the different types of expert evidence services?

  • Construction Delay Expert
  • Construction Disruption Expert
  • Construction Quantum Expert
What are the different types of expert evidence services?

Our Services

  • Head Contract Administration and Management
  • Preparation of contract notices, written claims and negotiation of settlement
  • Identify Contract and Legal Entitlement
  • Variation and Modifications
  • Claims for Cost and Time
  • Supply chain procurement
  • Financial Cash Flow and Budget Management
  • Commercial risk and opportunity identification and management
  • Commercial and contract management training and development
  • Client representation meetings and workshops
  • Subcontract, supplier and commercial management
  • Insurance claim preparation, negotiation and settlement
  • Final account preparation, negotiation and management
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